Dana Dolly

Regular price $85.00

Includes dolly, 75mm and 100mm ball adapters, 6' & 4' speed rail, center track support, 2 x end rail supports. (Jr Low boy stands available)

The Dana Dolly Original Kit is an affordable camera dolly system that can go with you virtually anywhere. Designed by a key grip with over 20 years of experience in all types of production, it is both simple and practical. The Dana Dolly is easy to set up, it can be used with a variety of track options, and can be supported using standard junior stands, apple boxes, or the ground, whatever the shot requires. A popular choice is using the Matthews Low Boy Combo stand as this stand can be used with "combo adapter wheels" so you can roll the dolly into place when the terrain permits. The dolly itself has a Mitchell Mount that can take all types of camera heads, and this particular kit includes adapters for 75mm and 100mm heads. The sixteen-wheel design with floating trucks provides a smooth glide. The track end brackets and center support can use any 1 1/4" pipe as a track: aluminum, stainless steel, etc. So if you're on location and don't want to pack track, you can stop by a homecenter and pick up some pipe or conduit as an alternative to the Schedule 80 aluminum pipe the manufacturer recommends for everyday use. 

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